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Denumire Gram Price
Simple fried eggs 100g 5 ron
simple omlette     100g 5 ron
Rustic Platter     300g             15,5 ron
Country omlette      200g 8 ron
Lippovan omlette      250g 9,5 ron
Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and  onion    150g 6 ron
Soft boiled eggs    100g            5 ron
Omlette with mushrooms    150g 7 ron
Carp eggs      150g 12,5 ron


Denumire Gram Price
Chicken soup      100/300 12 ron
Country soup      0.70/330 13 ron
Pork country soup      0.70/330 12 ron
”Radauteana” soup    0.70/330 13,5 ron
Tripe soup    100/300 13 ron
Fish meatballs soup      100/300 14 ron
Fish soup    200/300 16 ron

Fish dishes

Denumire Gram Price
Fried carp    250g 13,5 ron
Stuffed pike    250g 17,5 ron
Roasted pike    200g 13,5 ron
Pike brine     250g 14 ron
Carp on cabbage    200/100g 16,5 ron
Portuguese carp    250g 14 ron
Fried perch      200g 17,5 ron
Fried fillet perch     250g 20 ron
Boiled perch    200/100 19,5 ron
American frog  250g 28,50 ron
Grilled mackerel     200g 14 ron
Fried carp      200g 9,5 ron
Grilled catfish      200g 14 ron
Fried catfish      200g 15,5 ron
Catfish brine      250g 16,5 ron
Fillet breaded catfish       250g 18 ron
Boiled catfish    200/100 17,5 ron
Grilled carp      200g 12 ron
Fried carp      200g 13 ron
Carp brine      250g 14,5 ron
Boiled carp      250g 15,5 ron
Fisherman’s baked carp  250g 14,5 ron
Carp brine      250g 10,5 ron
Perch  dishes   250g 20 ron
Platelet carp      200/100 18 ron

Chicken dishes 

Denumire Gram Price
Chicken breast      200g 13 ron
Chicken breaded schnitzel      250g 17 ron
Chicken breast sautéed      200g 13,5 ron
Assorted  skewers      250g 15,5 ron
Grilled boneless chicken legs      200g 16 ron
Fried legs      200g 16,5 ron
Fried inferior legs      200g 16,5 ron
Fried wings      200g 12 ron
Boiled grilled chicken      100/100 12,5 ron

Pork dishes 

Denumire Gram Price
Pork scruff       200g 16 ron
Grilled steak      200g 16 ron
Schnitzel 250g 20 ron
Sautéed pork      200g 13 ron
”Dobrogeana Tochitura”    200/150/100 22,5 ron
”Banateana Tochitura”          200/150/100 22,5 ron
”Modoveneasca Tochitura”             200/150/150 23 ron
Fried Pork Pulp      250g 13,5 ron
Assorted skewers    250g 14,5 ron

Beef dishes 

Denumire Gram Price
Grilled beef       200g 50 ron
Fried fillet beef      250g 51 ron
Fried rump beef      250g 15,5 ron
Rump beef and mushrooms      250g 17 ron
Grilled beefsteak      200g 16 ron
Beefsteak and egg      250g 52.5 ron
Beef escalope and mushrooms    200/100g 55 ron
Rustic beef    200g 51 ron

Preparate din oaie

Denumire Gram Price
Sheep dishes 200g 20 ron
Sheep smoked meat      100g 8 ron
Baked lamb    200g 10 ron
Shepard’s plateau      700g 36,5 ron

Cold plates

Denumire Gram Price
Big Fish Plate 750g 58 ron
Cacciocavallo 100g 7 ron
Feta 100g 4 ron
Cream cheese    100g 4 ron
Ham 100g 6 ron
Smoked bacon      100g 4 ron
Sibiu Salami    100g 10 ron
Fillet  100g 6 ron
Kaizer/Bacon    100g 4 ron
Gypsy fillet    100g 6,5 ron
Smoked mackerel      100g 10 ron
Marinated herring    100g 8 ron
Herring salad      300g 16 ron
Pile eggs      100g 60 ron
Olives  100g 5 ron
Tomatoes 100g 3 ron
Cucumbers 100g 2 ron
Onion 100g 2 ron

Hot dishes 

Denumire Gram Price
Fish balls    100g 8 ron
Perch fillet fingers      150g 10,5 ron
Breaded frog    200g 25,5 ron
Fried sausages    150g 5 ron
Fried chicken liver      200g 10 ron


Denumire Gram Price
French Fries 150g 4,5 ron
Peasant’s potatoes    200g 8 ron
Mashed potatoes    150g 4,5 ron
Boiled potatoes    150g 4,5 ron
Cantonese rice    200g 6 ron
Rice with mushrooms      200g 6,5 ron
Jugged cabbage      150g 6 ron
Polenta 150g 4,5 ron
Sautéed mushrooms    150g 7 ron
Sautéed green beans    150g 4,5 ron
Sautéed green peas      150g 4,5 ron
Mexican sautéed mixture      150g 4,5 ron
Mushrooms with garlic      150g 7 ron
Noble mushrooms    150g 10 ron
Lemon   50g 1,5 ron
Sour cream    100g 3,5 ron
Hot pepper    1 buc 1 ron
Garlic sauce    50g 2 ron
Bread  150g 1,5 ron


Denumire Gram Price
Assorted salad       250g 6,5 ron
Tomatoes and onion salad      200g 5,5 ron
White cabbage salad      150g 4 ron
Red cabbage salad      150g 4 ron
Pickled cucumber salad      200g 5,5 ron
Roasted pepper salad    150g 6 ron
Beetroot salad    150g 6ron
Tuna salad    300g 17 ron
Bulgarian salad    400g 18 ron
Oriental salad    400g 12,5 ron


Denumire Gram Price
Jam pancakes    200g 8 ron
Cheese and sour cream pancakes      200g 12 ron
Assorted pancakes     150/120 14,5 ron
”Dobrogea” pie    200g 12 ron
Caramel cream 200g 10 ron
Macaroni and cheese pudding      200g 10 ron
Fruit salad      200g 20 ron
Assorted ice-cream      200g 10 ron
Apple pie      200g 8,5 ron

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